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Got skills? Get recognized

We know India houses a massive amount of gamers that are skilled in their respective competitive title of choice. Many of these gamers are overlooked because they don’t have the right outlet to showcase their skill on. If we were to work towards the growth of esports in the country, we need to bring these talented individuals out and give them the recognition they deserve.


How can we approach this? How do we display an individual’s skill so that he is approached by organizations and presents him with opportunities? 

In the current scenario, there isn’t a “Gamer Only” platform that strictly caters to a gamers needs. A budding esports athlete needs a platform where he can connect with and reach out to like minded people.


The platform will act as a launchpad for these esports athletes as they are likely to get picked up by teams. If not, if these players fail to find a spot in a team, they still get the recognition they deserve and hold the possibility to get chosen as an analyst or a content creator.


It’s the need of the hour where a dedicated platform where gamers, team owners, and personalities from the gaming industry can come together and share resources to create a breathing ecosystem that will aid in growth of esports in the country. 

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