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How establishing credible connections will make it easier for you to get into esports

Esports today is at a level where no one imagined it would ever be and it is sharing the spotlight with mainstream career options. More than a decade ago, there was no such thing as game streaming, and gaming in general was perceived as a recreational activity. But today, the scenario is different. Gaming isn’t just a mere source of entertainment for the laid-back fellow but also a robust business with its own ecosystem and a viable career option. For an entire generation, gaming has become a ‘way-of-life’.

In India alone, gaming is a billion dollar industry. In every other household, we find gamers that are eager to showcase their skill and make a career in gaming. But how does one get into gaming? Even though gaming in India has picked up pace and is established as a legit business, there are those who are clueless as to how they can get into the gaming industry. If you’re into single-player games, streaming is an option. With enough time and dedication, you’ll gather a massive fan following and thousands in viewers.

But on the flip side, gamers find it difficult to get into esports, the competitive part of gaming. It’s not easy to make connections and find opportunities. Gamers need to make their presence known in the industry and establish themselves as a brand. Gamers need a platform where they are surrounded by fellow gamers and people from the gaming industry. 

A platform where they can discover, connect, interact, strategize, partner, and share ideas with each other and also come together to create a sustainable gaming and esports ecosystem. This way, by integrating all the necessary elements that are required to kickstart a gaming career onto a single platform, it becomes easier for not just the players, but also organizations and team owners to connect with each other and work towards one common goal- growth of esports in India.

Today, gaming is under a positive spotlight and for good reason. With the right connections, exposure, and knowledge, anyone who is passionate about gaming can get into the industry.

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