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There’s a lot of gaming content but is it regulated?

Have you ever wondered what makes comic cons so successful? What is driving millions of people to a large gathering which is essentially just meet and greet? You can always meet and socialize with people at coffee houses or parks or whatever. So is there something special about comic cons? Yes. Comic con is a place where people from all walks of life get together to express and explore their love for comics. It’s the like mindedness of people, the harmonious environment it creates where everyone can openly talk about things they are passionate about. If anyone wishes to get into writing a comic or creating artwork, comic con is a great place to socialize and discuss these things.

Being around like minded people not only elevates your skill and desire to do more, but it also creates opportunities. We already know how vast the Indian gaming community is, but it’s fragmented. There are gaps that are separating the elements that can, if joined together, rocket the Indian gaming scene to new levels of success. What are these elements? Your players, teams, organizations, sponsors, and just about anyone who is passionate about gaming.

We need a platform where all of these elements can come together, create a common ground that is teeming with opportunities. Imagine a platform where skilled individuals are posting clips of their insane gameplays and these clips are viewed by organizations that are looking to form a new team. The organization can simply drop a message and get in touch with the player to get on with the process of building a team that can compete at the highest level. This way, players get their shot at glory and organizations can continue to grow.

If a player is not picked to be a part of a team, there is always a chance that he or she will be picked up as a content creator or an analyst or a coach. This platform will be a home for not just players and organizations, but all gaming enthusiasts across the country who are looking to step into the industry.

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